Fishing on foot at La Tranche sur Mer

Virginie and Samuel are available for answering to your questions concerned the fishing on foot, as well as they helps you to answering at best to your expectetions while to advesing.

La Grande Vallée campsite is situed at 700 meters of the beach Porte des Îles. The area of fishing on foot is located between the beach La Porte des Iles and the beach of Sainte-Anne, then it’s possible to go there on bike using our beautiful cycle paths but also by taking the Avenue des Bouchots.

The beach of Groin du Cou is the second spot of fishing on foot who is situed at 15 minutes of the campsite in bike.

A map of La Tranche sur Mer is placed at your disposal at reception of the campsite. (If you don’t have bike, it’s possible for you to rent at the store A Tous Cycles to 2 minutes of the campsite or by taking a free shuttle in summer season).

Here are the list of shellfishes and crustaceans that you can fishing along with rules of size and of quantities to harvest for all species :

Mussels : 4 centimeters and not more than 5 kilograms.

Clams : 4 centimeters and not more than 3 kilograms.

Oysters: 5 centimeters and not more than 3 dozen.

Pine huts : 2,5 centimeters and not more than 2 kilograms.

Seafood knife : 10 centimeters and not more than 3 kilograms.

Shellfish : 2,7 centimeters and not more than 4 kilograms.

Scallop : 4 centimeters and not more than 3 kilograms.

Areas of fishing on foot who present health restrictions :

All informations are on the website below, with an update everyday.

The tidal schedules is available on the reception of the campsite ou on our website

All informations on the water quality are on the website below

If any time you don’t have access to the Internet, do not hesitate to come at the reception, the team of La Grande Vallée can tell you more.

Rules of simple behaviours for fishing responsibly :

- Not fish shellfish after an episode of heavy rain.

- Move away from rejects, emissaries, anchoras areas.

- Always deliver rocks to their places.

- Return to the water shellfishes who hasn’t adapted to the regulation.

Inform on precautionary statements :

- Warn others.

- Take a means of communication.

- Wear an adaptive equipment.

- Fishing in a famous place and attented.

- Stay accessible at the view of others fishermen.

- Anticipate the deadline necessary for join the mainland.

Accessories for a good fishing :

Creel / rake / scraper / landing net / bucket

Conservation councils of shellfishes and crustaceans, the disgorging for some :

- Wash and cool shellfish in seawater during fishing.

- Transport and store shells in a cool place (max 10°C).

Consume shellfishes less than 24 hours after fishing and make sure they stay alives until their preparation.

La Grande Vallée Campsite

145 bd de Tassigny

La Grière beach

85360 La Tranche sur Mer

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