Cancellation and interruption insurance


La Grande Vallée campsite offers you cancellation and interruption insurance with our partner CAMPEZ-COUVERT

Subscribe to the cancellation insurance CAMPEZ-COUVERT allows you to go on holiday in all serenity, this insurance remains optional and represents 3.5% of the cost of the stay.

The insurance daily guaranteed.

  •  Serious accident.

  • Death of clients or family’s members.

  • Cancellation or change to paid leave.

  •  Lay- off

  • To a retake exam...

The insurance cover the COVID-19 sickness, case contact, the quarantine...

  • Positive test.

  • Contact Case.

  • Suspects covid 19 by a doctor.

  • Requisitionned by the authorities.

  • Sickness following.

  • Cancellation for denied boarding following temperature.

See the general conditons

See the COVID-19 cover.

You can subscribe to the cancellation insurance COVID 19 when you boo, your stay online, by phone or email.

Flexibility Stay Offers

Book a stay with flexibility stay offers in peace.

For every booking, It’s possible to change one time your stay’s dates in the year of 2021.


Until D-14 before your arrival date.


Until D-7 before your arrival date.

(Subject to availability).

Any price difference at the time of the change between the old and the new stay will borne by the customer. If the stay it’s less expensive of the old, It’s impossible to have a refund.